Tien Phong Energy JSC

Tien Phong Energy JSC is an enterprise specialized in producing lead-acid batteries for industrial and civil use.

Tien Phong Energy JSC

Together with the management of professional production, skilled technical staffs, Tien Phong Energy Company brings high quality products, fast delivery schedule, ...

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Tien Phong Energy JSC is an enterprise specialized in producing lead-acid batteries for industrial and civil use. With state-of-the-art equipment and technology inherited from Korea KORNAM Battery Company, it has been in the market for more than ten years (since 2003) in the domestic market and exported to Korea, ni, brazil .....

The strength to make the brand name Energy Difference is: Specialization in each department, high responsibility and technical supervision work seriously ....

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Battery recovery and common problems with electric forklift batteries

admin - 07/01/2017

Repair and restore the battery with the most advanced technology Rechargeable battery lifts are used to increase the lifespan of electric forklifts. After a period of time for the job of lifting goods, batteries that are not properly used will have signs such as: hot, boiling electrolyte, worn poles, electricity out due to not being […]

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The AGRYbot system is capable of identifying various audio signals of agricultural objects.

The most effective way to use the battery

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Use battery efficiently A battery is an electrochemical device that converts energy from a chemical reaction into electricity. Each battery consists of several cells (cell – compartment). Each magnet consists of multiple positive and negative electrodes. Depending on the electrode material and dielectric, there are many different types of batteries: lead acid batteries (lead electrodes), […]

Where to buy KORMAX KORMAX best

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There are many types of battery for electric forklifts such as MICROTEX, KoBe, Hitachi, GS YUASA … But among them, KORMAX is the best market used by many domestic and foreign companies. Most companies do not know where to buy the battery is best, most of the purchase through commercial units so the price is […]